Help!  I Can’t Sleep with my Husband!

Help! I Can’t Sleep with my Husband!

If you and your husband are not compatible sleeping in the same bed, don’t be alarmed. You are not alone. You would be so surprised how many couples even sleep in different rooms. If you are not suffering from noise issues, like snoring, and only just can’t get adjusted to sleeping with a thrashing partner, there are alternatives to being sleep deprived. First, if you don’t have a king bed, I strongly encourage you to try this out on vacation next time. If that fits the bill, then you know what you have to do. If  his or her tossing and turning still do a number on you, then separate beds can solve the  problem. If your bedroom is large enough for two standard size (regular or double), then get two of those. If not, then, get two twins or one  twin and one double. I know, sounds like “I Love Lucy”, but it is no laughing matter. You need to do whatever it takes to fix this issue. You can even try pushing them together but using separate bedding. In the morning, make the beds as usual, but put a top coverlet on with  shams and make it look like one bed. Cruise companies do this all the time. There is usually no need to separate the beds, but if you have to, just a bedside table between the two usually works. If you are embarrassed about this, there is no need for guests to ever have to come to your private bedroom. A lot of couples feel that this space is intimate and off limits to everyone else, so don’t be concerned.